A New Life

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So I'm going to try this blogging thing out and just write stuff. I've always been interested in it and maybe it'll be good for me! So we'll see how it goes!


Today is my husband's birthday. He's turning 27. Time has really flown by. We've been married for three and a half years, but have known each other for eight and I don't think I've ever been apart from him on his birthday. Right now he's in Houston, TX fixing to fly to NYC and I am sitting here in Norman, OK wishing I could be with him!!!

A couple of months ago we decided it was time for a change. Matt has just recieved his master's in Opera Performance at OU. So it' time to start singing with the big boys in NYC. His plane leaves tomorrow and he starts looking for a job and place to live immediately. Once that happens, me and my pups can go up there with him.

It's going to be different that's for sure! Our first year of marriage we lived in Austin, TX and worked full time. These past two years have been spent in Norman, OK, him at school and me working. So a not so busy life is going to turn into craziness! But it will be fun and exciting. We're praying that God will just let everything happen smoothly...and fast so I can get up there with him!

Although I can't be with him, I know Matt knows how much I love him. I am so blessed and so proud of him. He continues to amaze me everyday. He is talented, loving, handsome, intelligent, wise, funny and the best thing that's ever happened to me. I know that we'll have many, many more birthdays to celebrate together. I look forward to being with him in a few weeks! Happy Brithday, Matt!

Ok so that wasn't so bad for a first blog entry!