A Vintage Garden Shower

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Have you ever wondered what big deal is with mason jars? If you think about it, people use them for so many different things ... jam and jelly storing, refreshing way to drink lemonade or ice tea, candles go great in them, hang them from trees, table center pieces, make lighting fixtures with them, good for gifting hot cocoa mix, cute way to display fresh flowers. And the list goes on and on... 

While I do really love the vintage, old-fashioned way about mason jars, I haven't really given much thought to actually buying and using them. Do you have a fetish with mason jars? Maybe I should. Now that I'm seeing them more and more, maybe I should get some and experiment!

I recently designed a shower invitation that was all about these ever-so-popular mason jars and flowers. It honestly turned out to be one of my most favorite invitations ever! Of course, I was going off of what the shower hostess wanted, but I really love how it came out. All the detail in the vintage-style flowers, swirls and birds just flow together so well with the mason jars. And the pops of color! The yellows, whites and teals just jump right off the grey.

For sure one of my favs so far! What do you think about it? Do you like how the vintage-mason-jar theme is pulled through here?