Let's get this party started already

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More and more people nowadays are having beautiful destination weddings on the beach. As mentioned before, if I had the chance to do it all over again, I'd pick a beach wedding too!  So much to my excitement, a friend recently approached me to help her with some beach-party-themed save the dates.

Since the save the date is the first thing that people see of all your wedding papery, we went back and forth on what to do! You gotta set the tone for the whole wedding right away! She's a very fun, adventurous person, so there will be no formal-sit-down anything at this wedding. More like a big party on the beach. So below are the two designs we came up with based on the style and personality of the couple.  She really loved both, but ultimately picked the one on the right! Who wouldn't want to go to that beach party?

Stay tuned for this bride's exciting wedding invitation / destination guide!