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Soho Photography

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Last month, my co-worker, Steven, and I went to a digital photography class in Soho. I wanted to learn more about the actual camera and how it functions so that I don't have to do so much editing when I get the pics on my computer...which is where I'm more comfortable. 

We spent the good part of a Sunday morning walking around in a little group with a few other amateur photographers and a professor snapping photos. He'd give us all instructions an what to shoot and how to shoot. It was all very educational and I learned a lot in those short 4 hours. Below are a few pics from the day.

Afterwards, Steven and I indulged in a little pizza. Little Italy pizza to be exact. Everyone knows of the famous Lombari's Pizza place, the first pizza joint in America. Well, it's always super crowded and the wait is at least 2 hours long. So one day, Matt and I discovered Pomodoro's Pizza, just down the street from Lombardi's. If you like vodka sauce, you gotta try this pizza. It's ah-mazing. So when Steven and I went that Sunday, we both felt like we were in Italian heaven.

A good day. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Our Christmas and New Year's were pleasantly sweet and simple this year. We stayed home in New York and just sipped on coffee with a few friends. Much rest and relaxation is needed this time of year when you work and live in NYC.

I've decided to enter the New Year remembering the good times of 2010 and praying that 2011 will only be better! So to say "So Long!" to last year, I've compiled a Top 10 List of 2010.

10. I lost a tooth this summer! So embarrassingly awful! I bit down on some pizza and one of my front crown caps broke off. It was terrible, but thankfully the lovely Karen (adopted NYC Aunt) helped me get it fixed within a day!

9. We made our first Thanksgiving Turkey ever! This year was our first time to host Thanksgiving at our place. We had several friends over and made a killer turkey…thanks to Matt and his cooking abilities!

8. My brother, Ryan, and his wife, Kristin, moved to Lancaster, PA! It's nice having family so close.

7. Matt made a trip to Italy for 2 weeks this summer. He loved every minute of it. We're hoping to go together sometime this year.

6. Matt's sister, Ashley, is pregnant with a baby girl named Cambelle...due in March!

5. I started a new job in the financial district in NYC this past June! I absolutely love it. Designing is what I was made to do and I'm thankful to have a job that allows me to do just that! AND....because I found a full time job, Matt was able to quit his job and focus on music!!

4. The book So Long Insecurity crept it's way into my life twice this year. I read it first along with Beth Moore's blog community. Then, after a women's retreat this fall, I read it again while helping lead a book reading group. It's an amazing book and I encourage every single woman to read it...and then read it again....and then give it to a friend to read.

3. Our dogs are finally home! They stayed in Texas with family for the first year we were here in NYC. We were finally able to bring them up a few months ago! Luciano and Nico are the joys of my heart. I am so glad that our little family is back together again.

2. While we haven't really been able to travel home to Texas much, our families have been great to come see us several times this year. Matt and I are both blessed with great parents and siblings. We've gotten to see them all at least once or twice this past year. Skype is great, but nothing beats spending time together, laughing, crying, hugging, snuggling, etc in person.

1. We are continually blessed with the wonderful people in our lives…, friends, neighbors, co-workers…..We wouldn't be where we are today without your love and support. Thank you for a wonderful 2010!