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This Makes Me Want to Quit Smoking. And I Don’t Even Smoke!

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I’m not a smoker, but as a designer I can appreciate brilliant marketing. So I had to grab “The Last Pack” when I was in a CVS pharmacy last weekend. 

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that as of September 1, you can no longer buy cigarettes at CVS. And in addition to removing cigarettes from its shelves, the company adopted a new name – CVS Health. I read the news and saw the story online, but until I walked into a CVS I did not realize the extent to which the company embraced the “health” part of its new name. CVS quit cigarettes and is trying to help customers quit, too, with a pretty creative campaign.

As soon as I walked into the store I was greeted by signs that read, “Ready To Quit?” and “Let’s Quit Together.” After quickly grabbing the few items I needed, I stood in line and took in the whole store. Everywhere I turned, CVS was sending me a message, letting me know they had my back if I was ready to quit smoking. Again, not a smoker, but it sure did impress me.

Once I got to the counter, a little display caught my eye.  At first glance it looked like a traditional cigarette display. But as I got closer, I noticed the display was filled with cigarette-size boxes that said “The Last Pack.” I was so curious what was in the box that I snatched one up! Was it really the last pack of cigarettes? Nicotine patches? A prescription?

I opened it when I got home, and what I found blew me away. Inside the little cigarette box was a tobacco quit-kit, complete with the following:

  •  “Ready to Quit?” booklet with professional advice
  • “It Pays to Quit” card showing what your finances will look like after you stop buying cigarettes
  • “#OneGoodReason” card on how to share the one good reason you’re quitting
  • Coupon for a free 4x6 print to remind yourself of the #OneGoodReason
  • Coupon to save $5 with any “Stop Smoking Aids”
  • “Dozen Distractions” booklet with games like sudoku and crossword puzzles
  • “Proud to be a Quitter” sticker to show off your to your buddies

At this point, I was ready to make up a story of my own and share it on social media just so I could be a part of the movement!

As a designer who works with healthcare clients, seeing a successful campaign like this really inspires me to dig deeper and think bigger in my daily work. I don’t want my designs to just look good; I want to creatively guide people to make better decisions about their life and health. 

CVS Health proved a thoughtful promotion campaign can make a statement and reinforce the brand in a bold way. 

What campaigns have jumped out at you and made you want to get involved?

You are open to change for the better.

You are open to change for the better.

The CVS Last Pack Tobacco Quit Kit

The CVS Last Pack Tobacco Quit Kit

Dozen Distraction book with games to distract you, of course.

Dozen Distraction book with games to distract you, of course.

Inspiration = A New Project Idea

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A couple of months ago I went to a design seminar held by AIGA here in NYC. I really enjoy getting to be around other designers and hear from successful business leaders in my industry, so I really try to take advantage of these events.

This particular event was for the launching of a new book called Kern and Burn: Conversations With Design Entrepreneurs by Tim Hoover and Jessica Karle Heltzel. These guys were looking for a way to grow their own business and decided to seek the advice of other successful design entrepreneurs...100 to be exact. Eventually this "100 Days" project took off and became a book. 


For the event, they brought in 4 of the featured entrepreneurs from the book and had a simple discussion with them about how they "made it" and now run their businesses. A couple of their stories really stood out to me.


Kate Bingaman-Burt is an illustrator and professor on the West Coast. She decribed that in her late 20's she had major credit card debt and to punish herself, she drew out every single cc statement until it was all paid off. She hated drawing more than anything, but after 2 years she decided she loved it. And now that is her primary art-form. 

Peter Buchanan-Smith of Best Made Co. was a designer, but also had a passion for axes, nature and hunting. So he started making axes on the side. His hobby grew into an online business and I absolutely love his products and style. He's one of those inspiring self-made-men who set out to do what he loved. My husband and I actually got to visit his store in Soho this past weekend. So awesome.

While I'm not very familiar with, I was impressed with what owner Keenan Cummings had to say. Over the course of his design career he tried out all kinds of design jobs in the corporate world. You name it, he did it. And he hated them all. He felt constricted. During this time he started working on some personal projects and blogs. He said that when he got hired for the next job, these small personal projects are what stood out among all his other work, including the corporate stuff.  People hiring him were more interested in the type of person/artist he was in his personal work rather than all the corporate-do-this-do-that work. Now he is his own boss and finally satisfied in his work.

Hearing from all of these people really sparked an interest in me to do my own set of projects. Not to show off my work or to get hired somewhere, but for my own peronal gain. We all have those projects or to-do-lists that sit on the back burner in our brain that never get done. I have several of those. So why not just do it and write about it along the way? So starting now I'll be working on 12 different projects... over 12 months (or more maybe?). To easily keep track of it, we'll call it... 


...since I'll be attacking art, of course. I have a few ideas down the line of what kind of projects I'd like to work on... paintings, collages, web design, photography, photo album books. All sorts of things that are stored up in my brain and need to get out! Do you have any recommendations of things I can "attack"? Anything you've done before that I just gotta do too?  


So this is my goal (clearly marked out for everyone to see!): To get from 0 to 12 projects in 12 months (or more!).

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts about the 12 Art Attacks!

A Shower of Invitations

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Designing invitations for anything wedding-related is my absolute most favorite thing to do! A lot of my family and friends know this about me, so they send over projects to me  frequently. My cousin, Jamie, threw a shower for one of her good friends in Texas just this last weekend and she really wanted a cute, fun, eye-catching invite for the event. So she sent me the colors and ideas and wa-la! Here's what came from it! Super cute, fun and frilly.



New Designs Coming Your Way

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So much has happened since I posted last February. I'm terrible at keeping this updated. There's really so much I could share about my personal life and my design life! Since the personal stuff could just go on and on and on...I figured I would let you in on a few designs I've done over the last several months.

It has been a busy wedding season! A lot of wonderful people asked me to design wedding invtations, shower invitations, thank you notes and programs. And of course, I just can't say no. Each project is always so different and fun. I love the end result of being able to make the bride completely and utterly happy! So here are just a few I wanted to share with you. Enjoy!