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Have you ever been to a wedding that felt like a super-fun-colorful-crazy-beach party? Well, my friend Jen just had her wedding this past December that was just that and more! An awesome, classy, beach-style celebration in Naples, Florida. 

Jen is very much the type of person to go all out to make sure everyone has a good time. So she wanted to set the "fun" tone from the very beginning and really cater to her guests. She never wanted frilly, fancy invitations, but something that was more true to her and her fiancé's personality. Something unique, fun, colorful and bold. So we came up something that caught everyone's eye. 

People got their first taste of what the wedding would be like with the save the date, and then the invitation booklet set came soon after. For the ceremony itself we created greeting cards for the guests when they arrived to their hotel room, reception menus, favor cards, shiny napkins and custom wine glass escort cards. And finally matching thank you notes. See the finished results and beautiful photos below.

What more could you ask for in a wedding? The sunshine, the beach, a big party, your family and friends, and a beautiful couple pledging their love to each other. A good recipe for a wonderful event and a lifetime full of happiness!


Let's get this party started already

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More and more people nowadays are having beautiful destination weddings on the beach. As mentioned before, if I had the chance to do it all over again, I'd pick a beach wedding too!  So much to my excitement, a friend recently approached me to help her with some beach-party-themed save the dates.

Since the save the date is the first thing that people see of all your wedding papery, we went back and forth on what to do! You gotta set the tone for the whole wedding right away! She's a very fun, adventurous person, so there will be no formal-sit-down anything at this wedding. More like a big party on the beach. So below are the two designs we came up with based on the style and personality of the couple.  She really loved both, but ultimately picked the one on the right! Who wouldn't want to go to that beach party?

Stay tuned for this bride's exciting wedding invitation / destination guide!


A Vintage Garden Shower

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Have you ever wondered what big deal is with mason jars? If you think about it, people use them for so many different things ... jam and jelly storing, refreshing way to drink lemonade or ice tea, candles go great in them, hang them from trees, table center pieces, make lighting fixtures with them, good for gifting hot cocoa mix, cute way to display fresh flowers. And the list goes on and on... 

While I do really love the vintage, old-fashioned way about mason jars, I haven't really given much thought to actually buying and using them. Do you have a fetish with mason jars? Maybe I should. Now that I'm seeing them more and more, maybe I should get some and experiment!

I recently designed a shower invitation that was all about these ever-so-popular mason jars and flowers. It honestly turned out to be one of my most favorite invitations ever! Of course, I was going off of what the shower hostess wanted, but I really love how it came out. All the detail in the vintage-style flowers, swirls and birds just flow together so well with the mason jars. And the pops of color! The yellows, whites and teals just jump right off the grey.

For sure one of my favs so far! What do you think about it? Do you like how the vintage-mason-jar theme is pulled through here?


Destination Wedding Coming Soon

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I sometimes think back to my wedding (4-8-06) and remember all of the beautiful things that took place on that special day. It was so meaningful, touching, gorgeous, happy and I loved every minute of it. But being a 22-year-old bride, I didn't really know what the heck I was doing. So, I just kind of went with the flow and luckily things turned out well!

If I were to get married all over again to my husband at this stage in my life, (being 30 now and a little more experienced in weddings...and life in general) there's a few things I'd probably change! The first one would be to make it a little more intimate...ok a lot more intimate... and have way less people there. We had 450 people attend! It was a big, Texas-sized wedding! Being such a special day, I probably would've loved having just my family and close friends there. Firstly, it would've allowed me to have a larger budget with more options for less people. And secondly, I probably would've been a lot less nervous about "performing" in front of them all!

And because it would be less people, I would totally do a destination wedding on the beach! I love love love the beach and that whole way of "island" life. We had our honeymoon in Mexico near the Mayan Riviera and that would be an ideal place to have a destination wedding! It's so beautiful there and I can just imagine it being so perfect. 

My wedding "do-overs" are especially in the forefront of my mind when designing items for other people's weddings. Funny enough, I have a friend/co-worker who is having a destination wedding in the Mayan Riviera this coming December! She's so kind to let me help her out with all of her papery for the wedding and NYC reception.

Below is what we came up with for the save-the-dates! She wanted an old-world, vintage-map, summery postcard that she could send to her guests. I certainly think we accomplished that! All of the signs pointing in different directions are places that are special to her and her fiancé: where they first met, first date, proposal, birthdays, etc. Such a cute way to recognize those memorable places and introduce the new one in Mexico! 

This is just the first piece of her wedding papery set, so stay tuned for more as we get closer to the big day!